Blogshop: Taking the Sting Out of Web Design

If you haven’t heard, I’m head over heels for Creative Mornings. There’s nothing better than kicking off the day with a cup of coffee and interesting insights from people who love to make and do things. What’s even better is that I can watch them anywhere. Thanks to their video series and web interface, you don’t need to live in any of the 112 cities that host the series. This past Monday, I listened to designlovefest and Blogshop founder Bri Emery discuss her career trajectory.


After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, Emery dreamed of joining the magazine world at Nylon. Instead, she took a position with headphone company V-MODA and spent 2.5 post-grad years designing their packaging and marketing materials. In her free time, she threw herself into her blog, designlovefest. Eventually, she left her full-time job to freelance at Rue Magazine, the Game Show Network, and countless other clients. Although she constantly worried she would run out of jobs, Emery’s schedule was packed with projects.

Eventually, Emery found the sweet spot between work and play that culminated in Blogshop. As a freelancer, Emery’s inbox was inundated with emails asking her to design blogs. While she didn’t have the time to fulfill all the requests, she spoke to her friend and partner, Angela Kohler, about teaching a basic Photoshop class that answered frequently asked questions. Together, the pair developed a boot-camp for Photoshop with a critical eye for how these skills about to creating blog content. Over a two day period, students are thrown in the deep end and assigned a series of tasks designed to get them up to speed in a flash. Since founding Blogshop in 2011, Emery and Kohler have taught workshops in Paris, Berlin, Sydney, London, NYC, LA, Chicago, and San Francisco. Judging from the testimonials, graduates come away with the tools they need to transform ephemeral ideas into tangible projects.

I appreciate Blogshop because Angela and Bri take the sting out of web design and teach students the tools to do it themselves. Too often, it’s assumed that building a website or designing something digitally should be left to the professionals. But with a two day crash course in the basics, Blogshop inspires students to give it a shot and sets the groundwork for further learning.

Want to see if your boss will spot your Blogshop tuition? Print out their handy one sheet extolling the virtues of blogging skills. By investing in you, Bri and Angela argue, your company saves out outside design expenses, increases web traffic, and may result in increased emotional connections to your brand. And don’t worry if you’re not near an upcoming workshop location. If you have an Internet connection, you can also participate in their online module.

Finally, pour a mug of coffee and start your Wednesday off right with Bri’s Creative Mornings lecture. She may be a young entrepreneur, but she shares some excellent insights.

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