Dame of the Day: Betty Reid Soskin

Betty Ann Sorskin


Today’s Dame of the Day is Betty Reid Soskin (September 22, 1921-). Born in Detroit and raised in New Orleans near her Creole and Cajun roots, Soskin and her family later relocated to Oakland, California, after a hurricane and flood destroyed their business. Over the course of her working life, she served as a clerk during World War Two, wrote songs during the Civil Rights Movement, and worked as a field representative to California State Assemblywomen Dion Aroner and Loni Hancock. Through her efforts, Soskin and the Congresswomen were able to establish Rosie the Riveter/WWII Homefront National Historic Park in 2000. Today, she serves as Ranger at the park and, at 93 years old, is the oldest serving National Park Ranger.

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