Elsa Mora, Multimedia Artist

Greetings, and welcome to Lady Collective. Seeing as it’s day one, we’re experimenting and seeing how things go. Monday through Friday, you’ll get a Dame of the Day post about women we admire. (If you want to fast-track ahead, you can always head over to the Hall of Dames or our Pinterest page.) On each of those days except Friday, there will be some words, images, videos, or sounds reflecting the stuff we’re looking at or the ideas kicking around in our minds. On Friday, we’ll post interviews with women reflecting on their twenties and the lessons they learned. Got the format down? Okay, let’s get started!

Was Tumbling around the other day and stumbled upon Elsa Mora’s work. This Cuban-born multimedia artist creates mesmerizing pieces out of cut paper.

Elsa Mora


Elsa Mora 3

All images from Elsa Mora’s website.

Her website contains a wonderfully detailed biography about her childhood, how she became a teacher and working artist before moving to the United States and pursuing her craft full-time. The attention to detail and meticulous handiwork in these pieces is pretty incredible. To view more of Elsa’s work or to learn what she’s working on now, check out her website. Way to go, Elsa!

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