No Excuses: News Roundup

I’ll be honest, guys: I didn’t write a post today. A lot is changing really fast over here and, while I planned out the rest of the week, Wednesday fell through the cracks. I promise to reveal all in due time, but right now the best I can do is provide a roundup of what I’m reading today.


Brit and Co.: Why this kid will inspire you to throw like a girl

Brit and Co.: What Kerry Washington just said will change the way you talk about your body

The Everygirl: CEO/Founder of The Giving Keys Caitlin Crosby

Vice: The FDA finally approves female Viagra

Salon: The war on unlikeable women, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and the brazen misogyny we choose to ignore

Refinery29: Hey, remember those Disney movies about periods and STDs?

Refinery29: Two women made it through this insanely grueling army school

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