Reflect Zone: Old Friends, New Paths

This past weekend, Lady Collective had the privilege of reuniting the entire day-one crew for our girl Devon’s wedding. (Congrats, Dev and Ben!) Overlooking a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, we smiled, we reminisced and I (D-Duff) danced my butt off. (Editor’s note: I fully intend to share a video of the couple’s first dance, but as of 9:00 am, my internet was down and my 3G refused to cooperate. Check back soon once I get my tech right.)


Maybe it was all of us being in one place again, or maybe it was a function of a ten hour drive and an unlimited throwback playlist, but the weekend made me both nostalgic and reflective. The six of us met on the first day of college and, serendipitously, we all lived on the same floor. A lot can go wrong when you pack three strangers into rooms meant to accommodate two people, but through that experience, we became fast friends. Back then, it was easy: you could yell across the hall to get someone’s attention, take naps on each other’s beds, and meet for dinner every night. Post-graduation, the ease of getting together disappears, and sometimes I wonder if email or the phone is enough. While I’m pleased with my path and direction, I sometimes miss the days of midnight grilled cheese, haunted dorm rooms, and Balfour dances. The best I can do is to hold these memories close and plan to make more in the future.

All this reflection on the past has also made me think about the future, particularly the future. September 1 marks our one year anniversary, and I’d like to hear from you about where you think we should go. Is there a person you want profiled? A personal project you want to talk about? What women in your life should we feature? Or should we pack it up? Have we done enough? Should we pause and regroup? Your thoughts can inform the course of where we go next.

So send us an email, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter, or leave your thoughts in the comments. We look forward to moving forward with you together.

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