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Dame of the Day: Fawzia Koofi

Fawzia Koofi

Today’s Dame of the Day is Fawzia Koofi (1976-). As a child, Koofi’s parents were not pleased to have a daughter; she fought for the right to go to school and became the only girl in her family to obtain an education. Koofi attended college in her native Afghanistan,  studied political science and worked closely with UNICEF. After the fall of the Taliban, Koofi became the first woman to be elected Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament. In spite of numerous assassination attempts, she continues her fight for women’s rights.

Dame of the Day: Rula Ghani

Rula Ghani

Today’s Dame of the Day is Rula Ghani. Born in Lebanon and educated in France and the United States, Ghani became Afghanistan’s first lady after the 2014 elections.  Like Queen Soraya who preceded her, Ghani aims to fight for women’s right across the country. In his inaugural speech, her husband thanked her for her support and acknowledged her mission to achieve more, a bold statement given the political history of the country.

Dame of the Day: Sakena Yacoobi

Sakena Yacoobi

Today’s Dame of the Day is Dr. Sakena Yacoobi (1950-). Dr. Yacoobi is the executive director of the Afghan Institute of Learning. Formed in 1995, the organization empowers Afghani women and children by providing schooling and health education. When the Taliban banned education for girls, AIL supported an underground network of schools. Yacoobi and her colleagues also offer human rights and leadership training for women. Her efforts have earned her numerous human rights awards and a Nobel Prize nomination.