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Dame of the Day: Tahmima Anam

Tahmima Anam

Today’s Dame of the Day is Tahmima Anam (October 8, 1975-). Born into a family of writers, Anam took up the family trade and earned an MA in Creative Writing. Her first book, A Golden Age, is loosely based on her parents’ relationship and takes place during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The sequel, The Good Muslim, made the 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize longlist.

Dame of the Day: Zohra Begum Kazi

Zohra Begum Kazi

Today’s Dame of the Day is Zohra Begum Kazi (October 15, 1912-November 7, 2007). As a student, Kazi studied in India and England to obtain her medical degree and specialize in obstetrics and gynecology; she became the first Bengali Muslim female doctor of India. Yet in spite of her specialized field, Kazi went above and beyond to treat wounded students during the Bengali Language Movement and soldiers injured in the Bangladesh Liberation War. For her efforts in and out of the hospital, Kazi is considered the “Florence Nightingale of Dhaka.”