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Dame of the Day: Joenia Wapixana

Joênia Batista de Carvalho

Today’s Dame of the Day is Joênia Wapixana. As a staff attorney for Brazil’s Roraima Indigenous Council, she is the first indigenous woman to become a lawyer in the country. Through her position, Wapixana fights for indigenous land rights and against pervasive racism against indigenous peoples.

Dame of the Day: Lea T

Lea T

Today’s Dame of the Day is Lea T (April 19, 1981-). This Brazilian-born model grew up in Italy and later landed a campaign as the face of Redken hair products, making her the first trans woman to lead a major cosmetics campaign. In addition to her modeling career, Lea also advocates for the LGBT community in Italy and worldwide. Forbes Magazine included Lea on a list of 12 Italian women changing the face of the country’s fashion community.

Dame of the Day: Bertha Lutz

Bertha Lutz

Today’s Dame of the Day is Bertha Lutz (August 2, 1894-September 16,1976). Born in Brazil and educated in France, Lutz became a zoologist with an interest in poison tree frogs. Upon her return to Brazil, she accepted a position at the Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro. This appointment sent shockwaves through the country, as women were prohibited from public office. The resulting fallout galvanized Lutz to speak out as a feminist; her activism helped Brazilian women win the right to vote in 1934.

Dame of the Day: Elis Regina

Elis Regina

Today’s Dame of the Day is Elis Regina (March 17, 1945-January 19, 1982). For the duration of her brief life, Regina was considered the voice of Brazil. After the nation discovered her on a TV contest, she went on to remix and record some of the quintessential Brazilian classics. As a contemporary of Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, Regina’s interpretations helped popularize the Tropicalismo movement across the country. As her career progressed, she became more vocal and spoke out against the dictatorship and racial and gender discrimination. Regina passed away too soon at 36, but her songs still sound beautiful and fresh long after her death.