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Art Beat: New Work By Erin Morrissey

As you can tell from our masthead, us LC members go way back. With over ten years of friendship in the bank, we’ve watched as our work change and progress. Since she works in the arts, our girl Erin Morrissey generated a particularly amazing visual timeline over the past decade. For as long as we’ve known her, Erin has been drawing on a daily basis, experimenting with new techniques, and constantly pushing her work to the next level.


Image courtesy of Erin Morrissey

We think Erin’s latest collection is particularly awesome because it’s such a departure from her usual style. While she’s a phenomenal artists capable of producing lifelike work, this new series is all about experimentation and abstraction. First, she creates a portrait sketch. Then, she painstakingly silkscreens the sketch onto a canvas, cleans up the lines, and creates a clean print. For those of you who haven’t silk screened before, the medium doesn’t necessarily lend itself to precise, clean lines. Creating a quality print requires patience, a good eye, and a steady hand.


Image courtesy of Erin Morrissey

Once she pulls the print, Erin adds individual details by hand: a swatch of copper ink here, an additional flourish there. The final piece catches your eye, invite you to explore the details, and look great on any wall.

Erin 3

Image courtesy of Erin Morrissey

Want an Erin Morrissey original? You’re in luck; she’s just launched her own shop and regularly posts new pieces. Take a look, snag a print, and share the link with a friend. Way to go, girl!