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Dame of the Day: Margaret Nasha

Margaret Nasha

Today’s Dame of the Day is Margaret Nasha. Nasha began her career as a civil servant before entering Botswana’s cabinet in 1994. She was the first female speaker of the country’s Parliament, representing Botswana’s Democratic Party.

Dame of the Day: Sheila Tlou

Sheila Tlou

Today’s Dame of the Day is Sheila Tlou. After studying education and public health in the United States, Tlou returned to Botswana to teach HIV/AIDS education and serve as the country’s Minister of Health. She co-authored a reference book for people working in the field of HIV/AIDS, spread awareness about the disease, and reduced the stigma surrounding it. In addition to her in-country efforts, Tlou also consults for UNAIDS and the World Health Organization.

Dame of the Day: Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi


Today’s Dame of the Day is Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi. She began her career in politics in 1999 with an appointment to Botswana’s National Assembly. Over the course of her tenure, she held positions in the Ministries of Communications, Trade and Tourism, and Science and Technology. Today, she serves as the Minister of Education. In addition to her political service, Venson-Moitoi is also a trained journalist.