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Dame of the Day: Joenia Wapixana

Joênia Batista de Carvalho

Today’s Dame of the Day is Joênia Wapixana. As a staff attorney for Brazil’s Roraima Indigenous Council, she is the first indigenous woman to become a lawyer in the country. Through her position, Wapixana fights for indigenous land rights and against pervasive racism against indigenous peoples.

Dame of the Day: Princess Elizabeth of Toro

Princess Elizabeth of Toro

Today’s Dame of the Day is Princess Elizabeth of Toro (1936-). This Ugandan princess and lawyer became the first East African woman to be accepted by the English bar. Her official title, batebe, deems her the most powerful woman in the kingdom of Toro and positions her as the king’s most trusted advisor. In addition to her political work, Princess Elizabeth also built a successful modeling career and substantial track record of charity work.

Dame of the Day: Florynce Kennedy

Florynce Kennedy

Today’s Dame of the Day is Florynce Kennedy (February 11, 1916 – December 21, 2000). Kennedy began pre-law coursework at Columbia University but was told by Associate Dean that they refused her law school application because she was a woman. (She threatened to sue and was later admitted.) After she graduated, she founded the Feminist Party, which nominated Shirley Chisholm for president in 1972. Kennedy served as an advisor to the Westbeth Playwrights Feminist Collective, established the Media Workshop to criticize the lack of black representation, and toured as a lecturer with Gloria Steinem.