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Meera Sethi: Upping the Aunty

It’s a cloudy Tuesday in NYC, so to brighten the day, we turned our attention to Meera Sethi’s “Upping the Aunty” project. Typically, street style blogs cater to a young audience and highlight youthful subjects. Flip through photos from New York Fashion Week and you’ll find the representation of older fashion plates to be rather sparse.

Sushma Aunty, Toronto, Canada

Sushma Aunty, Toronto, Canada (Meera Sethi)

Sethi, on the other hand, recognizes that many women receive their first exposure to fashion through these older generations. The New Delhi-born, Toronto-based artist explains that in South Asian culture, children refer to friends of their mothers’ as “aunty,” a term of reverence and respect.

Maya Aunty, Toronto, Canada

Maya Aunty, Toronto, Canada (Meera Sethi)

“Upping the Aunty” is a collaborative photo series dedicated to honoring these women and their important impact on the generations that look up to them. Not only do aunties serve as style icons, but they are also confidants, mentors, and friends.

Gita Aunty, Mumbai, India

Gita Aunty, Mumbai, India (Meera Sethi)

In addition to snapping photos, Sethi encourages women from all over to submit photos of their aunties and contribute to the narrative. How beautiful!

Bhoopi Aunty, Toronto, Canada

Bhoopi Aunty, Toronto, Canada (Meera Sethi)

To check out more of Meera’s photos or to submit one of your own, visit her Tumblr or check out her website.