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Dame of the Day: Claribel Alegria

Clara Isabel Alegría Vides

Today’s Dame of the Day is Claribel Alegría (May 12, 1924-). Alegría moved to the United States for college when she was 19, but she maintained close ties to her native Nicaragua. Her poems, novels, and essays critiqued society while championing justice and freedom. During the country’s uprisings of the 1970s, Alegría redoubled her commitment to non-violent resistance while supporting the Sandinista National Liberation Front. In 1985, she returned to Nicaragua to aid with reconstruction following the revolution. Today, she continues to live and write in Managua.

Dame of the Day: Bianca Jagger

Bianca JaggerToday’s Dame of the Day is Bianca Jagger (May 2, 1945-). In her youth, Jagger traveled extensively with her husband, Mick, and partied with Andy Warhol. But she was more than just a pretty face: over the course of her career, she helped rebuild Nicaragua after a massive earthquake, supported women’s rights projects in Afghanistan and lobbied to preserve the Amazon rain forest.