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Happy Birthday, Lady Collective: Year One

happy birthday LC

If you’re reading this post, you somehow connected with Lady Collective over the past 365 days and liked what you saw. It’s been a honor to see our readership grow, from our email list to our Twitter and Facebook followers. Whenever I receive notifications about new followers, it reminds me that I must be doing something right.

While part of me wants to unveil big plans for expansion in Year Two, I am actually prepared to do the opposite. In reality, it’s always been just me: writing the posts, researching the dames, promoting the pieces. I use “we” and “us” in the communal sense, but as I pen this post at my kitchen table, the whole office is right there. I have a whole morning routine centered around sending out email blasts and Buffering posts to Facebook and Twitter. My nights and weekends consist of researching Schoolin’ Life subjects, brainstorming post topics and responding to a mountain of email. And while some parts of the process were more enjoyable than others, I always felt a surge of pride whenever one of you commented, Tweeted, or posted one of my pieces. At the end of the day, I do

But I need my day to day to be a bit more about me. This month, I moved apartments and am poised to start a new job. I want to reconnect with my running team and slip back into a regular training cycle. I want to sleep more. And in order to achieve these goals, I need to be more selfish with my time. For this reason, the new Lady Collective schedule will be as follows:

  • Dame of the Day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Schoolin’ Life: Friday

While I entertained the idea of pausing Lady Collective altogether, I think this new schedule is both more manageable for my one-person operation and more centered on the most important aspect of the platform: you. There’s so much value in the interviews, both for the person answering the questions and the audience reading them. In an age where women crave positive mentors, the pieces serve as a reminder that there’s no wrong way to live your life. I’m proud to keep learning about other women’s lives while living a little more of mine.

Thank you for a wonderful year of conversations and encouragement. Onward and upward to Year Two!