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Dame of the Day: Analia de Victoria Pereira

Anália de Victória Pereira


Today’s Dame of the Day is Anália de Victória Pereira (October 3, 1941-January 7, 2009). In 1983, Pereira and her colleagues formed Angola’s Liberal Democratic Party. Over the course of her political career, Pereira became the president of the party and led it until her death. To date, she was the most visible woman politician in the country’s history.

Dame of the Day: Vigdis Finnbogadottir

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

Today’s Dame of the Day is Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (April 15, 1930-). Finnbogadóttir served as President of Iceland from 1980-1996, making her the first woman president of Iceland and all of Europe. Her sixteen year reign is the longest of any woman head of state. Following her divorce in 1963, she also became the first single woman to adopt a child.

Dame of the Day: Laura Chinchilla

Laura Chinchilla

Today’s Dame of the Day is Laura Chinchilla (March 28, 1959-). Early in her career, Chinchilla worked as an NGO consultant, advising on judicial reform and public security for organizations serving Latin America and Africa. The Costa Rican government took notice of her public security experience and offered her a ministerial position. In 2009, Chinchilla won the presidential election, becoming the first woman to become President of Costa Rica.

Dame of the Day: Angie Brooks

Angie Brooks

Today’s Dame of the Day is Angie Brooks (August 24, 1928 – September 9, 2007). Armed with a law degree and a master’s degree in political science, Brooks played a crucial role in transitioning former colonies into independent states.  She became the first and only African woman to be President of the United Nations General Assembly.  Later in her career, Brooks became the first woman to serve on Liberia’s Supreme Court.

Dame of the Day: Corazon Aquino

Corazon Aquino

Today’s Dame of the Day is Corazon Aquino (January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009). Aquino served as president of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992, making her the country’s first woman president and the first woman president of any Asian country. Without any prior political experience, she weathered several coup attempts and managed to implement a new constitution supporting more civil liberties and human rights.