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Dame of the Day: Sylvia Mendez

Sylvia Mendez

Today’s Dame of the Day is Sylvia Mendez (1936-). As a child in segregated California, Mendez’s parents tried to enroll her in a “whites-only” school and failed. Instead of accepting defeat, they sued the system and the case, Mendez v. Westminsterbecame a landmark benchmark for ending segregated education. In 2011, Mendez received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her efforts.

Four Months And Counting: Waiting for Loretta Lynch

Maybe it’s the Emergen-C or Theraflu talking, but I’m a bit confused about why it’s taking so long for Hon. Loretta Lynch to be confirmed as U.S Attorney General. While Lynch received the nomination 124 days ago, she has yet to receive confirmation from Congress. How does this wait stack up against Attorney Generals of recent years? Let’s take a look.



Image courtesy of DailyKOS

So what’s the hold-up? While Lynch has taken some heat for defending the President’s immigration policy, she served as a prosecutor in Eastern New York for years and maintained such a clean record with law enforcement that even Rudy Giuliani is clamoring for her confirmation. Her moderate politics are a step away from Eric Holder’s, making her more appealing to Republicans who dislike the current Attorney General’s relationship with the White House. Yet Democrats admit that instead of pushing the nomination forward when they had the chance, they chose to focus on other things. Now Lynch’s fate hangs in a gridlocked bipartisan balance that won’t budge until April.

So maybe it’s because they’re occupied passing legislation that cracks down on sex slavery? Oh wait, they didn’t get to that part of the agenda, either. If I had known that using spring break as an excuse would get me out of finishing work in college, I might have done things different. This delightful dance of willful procrastination speaks to a larger issue of frustrating obstructionism in Congress. Senators: whether you’re for her or against her, Loretta Lynch is a qualified candidate that deserves your attention. Stop playing Musical Chairs and make a decision.