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Ariane Hunter: She Went For Her Dreams

Let’s face it: the road to personal and professional success is not typically linear. Unlike previous generations, today’s workforce does not expect to hold one job for the entirety of their career. While this new-found flexibility may feel liberating for some, others may feel paralyzed by choice. With so many options, which one is the best? Especially in times of economic insecurity, the safest choice may seem optimal in the long term. But if you’re thinking about taking a bigger risk, how do you start?


Image courtesy of Ariane Hunter

Career coach Ariane Hunter feels your pain and wants to help. In her previous career, Hunter wrangled data and information systems in the healthcare industry. But as she advanced up the corporate ladder, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. 10 years ago, she mustered the courage to take a leap. Today, she helps others align their careers with their values so they can build lives that they love.


Image courtesy of Ariane Hunter

In addition to her coaching practice, Hunter launched a side project, #SheWentForHerDreams, as a way to take into the collective energy of other creative women. She interviewed entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, and strategists to pick their brains about their careers and glean advice for women eager to follow in their footsteps. Most recently, Hunter compiled these interviews into a free e-book. Want to get your hands on it? Visit the site and sign up for her e-mail list.


Image courtesy of Ariane Hunter

If you’re in need of a confidence boost, She Went For Her Dreams serves as a quick mentoring session you can carry in your pocket. Each nugget of advice paired with Hunter’s own photographs provides actionable steps instead of nebulous platitudes. The impetus behind the interviews is to connect readers with advice they can apply to their own lives and examples of success in a variety of sectors. With an inspiring collection of guidance and imagery, Hunter’s book can help readers power through a rough day or completely transition into a new career.

Visit the project’s site and check in with Ariane to take your career to the next level.