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Dame of the Day: Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch

Today’s Dame of the Day is Loretta Lynch (May 21, 1959-). Lynch earned her law degree from Harvard law and worked her way up through the New York system to become the district’s top prosecutor. In 2015, she was sworn in as U.S. Attorney General, becoming the first black woman to hold the position.

Dame of the Day: Ada Lovelace

ada lovelace

Today’s Dame of the Day is Ada Lovelace (December 10, 1815-November 27, 1852). While her mother disapproved of her interest in mathematics, Lovelace defied her wishes and continued to explore the subject. As a colleague and contemporary of Charles Babbage, Lovelace created the first algorithm to be used by a machine. She frequently checked Babbage’s work, making her the first debugger in the nascent digital world.

Dame of the Day: Tu Youyou

Tu Youyou

Today’s Dame of the Day is Tu Youyou (December 30, 1930-). During the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh charged Chinese scientists with the mission of discovering a cure for malaria. At the time, this seemed like a daunting task: researchers had already tested over 200,000 compounds without success. In spite of these odds, Youyou drew on her extensive knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and discovered a cure for malaria; she published her findings anonymously in 1977. Her work later earned her a Nobel Price in Physiology or Medicine, making her the first Chinese Nobel laureate in either physiology or medicine.

Dame of the Day: Miki Gorman

Miki Gorman

Today’s Dame of the Day is Miki Gorman (August 9, 1935 – September 19, 2015). Gorman took up long distance running in her 30s and debuted with a 100 mile indoor race. (!!!) Four years later, she won the Boston Marathon and set a new course record. Gorman is the only woman to win both the Boston and New York City marathon twice and is one of two women to ever win both marathons in the same year.

Dame of the Day: Margaret Nasha

Margaret Nasha

Today’s Dame of the Day is Margaret Nasha. Nasha began her career as a civil servant before entering Botswana’s cabinet in 1994. She was the first female speaker of the country’s Parliament, representing Botswana’s Democratic Party.

Dame of the Day: Martha Ruby Holland

Ruby Holland

Today’s Dame of the Day is Martha Ruby Holland. In 1958, Holland founded Guyana’s first music school. Its rigorous grading system mirrored that of London’s Royal School of Music. When she moved to Canada in 1978, Holland becamed affiliated with Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music and continued to teach piano in her home until 2001.  In 2003,  her death, her children established the Ruby Holland Scholarship to assist students who cannot afford to pay for music lessons.

Dame of the Day: Faiza Al-Kharafi

Faiza Al-Kharafi

Today’s Dame of the Day is Faiza Al-Kharafi (1946-). In addition to earning a master’s degree from Kuwait University, Al-Karafi also founded the school’s Corrosion and Electrochemistry Research Laboratory. During this time, she studied the effect of corrosion on engine cooling systems. In 1993, Al-Kharafi became president of Kuwait University, making her the first woman to head a major university in the Middle East.

Dame of the Day: Lúcia Lobato

Lúcia Lobato

Today’s Dame of the Day is Lúcia Lobato (November 7, 1965-). After earning her law degree, Lobato was elected to East Timor’s Parliament in 2001. During the 2007 election, she ran as the only female candidate. While she did not win the election, Lobato was later appointed Minister of Justice.

Dame of the Day: Julieta Granada

Julieta Granada

Today’s Dame of the Day is Julieta Granada (November 17, 1986). When she was 14, Granada moved from Paraguay with her mother and started competing on the U.S. Junior Golf circuit. At age 18, Granada turned pro and, during her rookie season, won the LPGA’s ADT tournament. With this victory, Granada earned the first $1 million prize purse for women’s golf. In addition to her tour appearances in the United States and Europe, Granada won gold at the 2014 South American Games and won the bronze medal at the 2015 Pan American Games.

Dame of the Day: Fiame Naomi Mata’afa

Fiame Naomi Mata'afa

Today’s Dame of the Day is Fiame Naomi Mata’afa. As a Samoan high chiefess, Mata’afa is currently the country’s Minister of Women, Community & Social Development. She is the first woman to hold a position in Samoa’s Cabinet and is one of the longest serving members of Parliament.