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Bike Life: Miss Fires in Manhattan

This past week, Hotswag left for Michigan in preparation for his sister’s wedding. He’s spending the week grilling all the foods, swimming in the lake, and (if luck serves him) fixing up his motorcycle for a ride back to New York. His late grandfather left him a Honda cafe racer and, with a little work, he aims to return it to fine working order. The idea of cruising through the Midwestern United States on a bike sounds glorious, and I wish him the best of luck.

miss fires 1

Image courtesy of the Miss Fires

I’m a nervous person, so city rides aren’t for me. While my enthusiasm for motorcycles wanes in inverse proportion to the population (just thinking about riding up First Avenue on a bike floods me with anxiety), there are plenty of badass women cruising urban streets. For the past 18 years, the Miss Fires have recruited women across NYC to share their love of bikes. How do you become a member? All you need is a bike and a valid motorcycle license. Women who are into mopeds, classic cars, and racing bikes are also encouraged to join.

In addition to gaining a new set of riding and drinking buddies, Miss Fires members expand their skill sets with workshops and out-of-city adventures. Recently, some members rode to Connecticut to practice trail riding at a certified clinic. No matter where they ride, the Miss Fires love sharing the stories behind their bikes. Some members have been around since the club’s inception while others are fresh on the scene; member Kristen Reed recently shared her own story in the documentary series Stories of Bike.

miss fires

Image courtesy of the Miss Fires

While I think I need to get more comfortable with biking NYC before I spring for a motorcycle of my own, I fully support the Miss Fires and their badass brand of biker sisterhood. Follow them on Facebook or check out their website for frequent updates. Ride on, ladies!