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Dame of the Day: Atena Farghadani

Atena Farghadani

Today’s Dame of the Day is Atena Farghadani (January 29, 1987-). This artist and political activist always combined illustration with critique, but one of her cartoonist offended the Iranian government and landed her in jail for three months. After her release, she posted a video explaining the cruel treatment she received in the Iranian prison system. In January 2015, Farghadani was arrested again and sentenced to roughly 12 years in prison. While Amnesty International took up her case, the Iranian government continues to charge her with further infractions.

Dame of the Day: Pardis Sabeti

Pardis Sabeti

Today’s Dame of the Day is Pardis Sabeti (December 25, 1975-). As a computational biologist and medical geneticist, Sabeti studies how genes impact the evolution of disease. In 2014, Sabeti and her team were able to track the outbreak of ebola back to a single encounter between an animal and a human. Once they pinpointed the origin, the team studied the RNA shifts that led the disease to mutate over time.