Women On 20s Followup: Harriet Tubman Wins

10 weeks ago, a campaign surfaced that called on the American people to put a woman on the face of the $20 bill. The initiative, better known as Women On 20s, solicited nominations, presented them to voters in a series of primaries, and whittled the selection down to four candidates. Over 600,00 people voted and today, we have a winner. We present to you the victor, Ms. Harriet Tubman, looking like a boss on the $20 bill.


Image courtesy of NBC News

So what’s the next step? According to Executive Director Susan Ades Stone, the organization and its supporters must catch the ear of President Obama, who holds the power to issue an order to the Treasury. While legislatures in New York State, Philadelphia, and Baltimore have vocalized their support, only the President can replace President Andrew Jackson’s countenance with Harriet Tubman’s. In addition to video and written petitions, supports can tweet at the President using the hashtags #DearMrPresident and #HelloHarrietTubman. As Stone points out, “Our paper bills are like pocket monuments to great figures in our history.” With Tubman’s tremendous contributions as an abolitionist and humanitarian during the Civil War, she is more than a deserving candidate. Vote, tweet, and petition to get Tubman on the bill before the 2020 anniversary of women’s suffrage.

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